Feminist Media Coverage of the Social Forums

I am proud to announce my latest article Feminist Media Coverage of the Social Forums that got published in the Gender and Development magazine vol.15, No.3, November 2007 by Oxfam GB. To access the full text of the publication, please visit Feminist media coverage of the Social Forum. Visit the Gender & Development Magazine to find more and interesting articles related to women and media.

Here is a summary:

Alternative events focusing on globalisation, such as the European and World Social Forums, and the World Summits on the Information Society generally ignore issues related to women’s rights. This article describes the experience of a team of women - some professional journalists, and others who had never written for publication - which created its own media in order to provide a feminist perspective on several of these events. In so doing, the team aimed to influence the discussion and debate at these events, as well as providing women’s and feminist organisations with a source of information about the global issues under discussion.