27-29 March: 4th Oekonux Conference: Free Software and Beyond The World of Peer Production


03/27/2009 (All day)

During the past decade the phenomenon of Free Software has become successful and well-known. It is still amazing how in the realm of software the creativity of so many volunteers leads to products which are useful for the whole mankind. In 1999 the Oekonux Project started with analyzing this phenomenon and trying to understand the special features of Free Software as a social and political enterprise.

Today, beyond the Free Software world, projects based on a similar approach of peer production are rapidly emerging, including Wikipedia and many more. It is time to look at peer production from a broader perspective.

This is the goal of the 4th Oekonux conference which is done in collaboration with the P2P Foundation. Under the title Free Software and Beyond The World of Peer Production we are planning a conference where:

  • researchers and activists meet
  • intensive discussions are possible
  • experiences can be shared and learned.

The conference is held in the Manchester university from 27 to 29 of March.

Abstract of my submission

I will be a speaker on the following presenation: Women's Participation to Free and Open Source Software Development Projects.

Here is an abstract:

What it the role of women to FOSS projects? What is the significance of the contributions they make? What are the tendencies of the gender imbalance in FOSS? What can we do? These and other relevant questions will be covered in this interactive workshop, to which an important space will be reserved for participants discussion and experience exchange. This workshop aims at giving space to presentation of findings and discussion on the topic of women's contributions to FOSS development projects. The gender imbalance in the world of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) is not new, but is raising new questions. The number of women users in FOSS is raising every year, but not within the software development projects.