Montreal Girl Geeks Dinner: Connecting Art, Design & Programming

Female hacker Taylor Levy, a newyorker working for CW&T was invited at the first for the season Montreal Girl Geek Dinner event.

“At Girl Geeks, we love code. It can be clean, messy, expressive, boring, useful, idiotic, thoughtful, interesting, horrible, elegant, slow, fast, frustrating, copied, shared, hilarious, obsessive, expensive, free, infinite…? If you’ve ever written software, you know that code can be so many things. And for Taylor Levy, it has transformed the way she sees the world, and the way she designs.”

Taylor was invited to share her current work on Pen Type-A, one of the most heavily funded kickstarter projects ever. Interested in photography, electronics and computer science Tylor told us about her building of an enormous switch for colors, a photographic LEDs & photography experiments; an Eight light ASCII Display Terminal Terminal – the most simple possible display possible for computer, the simplest possible computer; bike hacking, Dolly scooter etc.

One of the most amazing projects is the Pen Type-A (called "a minimal pen"). A replacement for the Hi-Tec-C pens, the preferred tool for artists, architects & designers, now is replaced by the Pen Type A pen -- of solid stainless steel with a sleeve that is laser etched with ruler markings.


While the audience was mostly female, there were quite a few men who attended, interested in the topic. Taylor's biggest challenge was to describe hacking, electronics & programming details on her current work to her parents and grand-parents, who were among the amazed participants.

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