Wikipedia: Tips for Getting More Women on the Editing Side

In continuation to the post: Wikipedia-why so few women edit, I decided to summarize my last notes from the WikiWomen Camp and post them online.

Here are the suggestions from the late meeting discussions, related to strategies and next steps, developed in small groups into real launch projects.

Women-centered solutions

"Time is an excuse for something else. It's more important ask: why SHOULD I EDIT? If you have a real motivation, time & tech do not become en issue, with jargon, and even will debate my positions."

  1. Awareness about the importance to contribute to knowledge: project of life. OR Identify motivating factors. More concrete movitations.
  2. Realize that joining a new community needs time & new skills to invest in (therefore, need a good motivation)
  3. The ones who are already motivated to join -- mind the gap, the risk for harassment, the risk for surviving in a male community. Two things: learn the jargon & rules, but also set their own rules & invite the community to respect their own needs.
  4. Organize lobby groups for women & people who feel excluded, intimidated, or simply excluded from the community
  5. Time: find ways to include WP editing in women's professional/activist activities.

Wikipedia-centered solutions

  1. Ask around -- do women know there is a need for editors? To make more women understand that WP needs editors. You can be an editor, too.
  2. "I know you are knowledgeable in the community, you can say something about it"
  3. Make access (first steps) more visible (step by step way to join the community).
  4. Ways to make women comfortable not only with the tool, but with the community
  5. Tea house -- mentorship offered (and visible) to women
  6. Women-only workshops (not about the tech editing, but also about the jargon, the community, the approach)
  7. Tech skills should not be an issue (easy to follow guidelines)
  8. Excellence to everyone in the community to retain the new users
  9. Feminist language -- female-friendly language (translation of the interface)
  10. Harassment responsible - Wikimedia community said you are complaining to the wrong place. One responsible for the harassment, insults, threats. Not to hide the issue under the carpet. Higher skilled volunteers that are willing to deal with harassment (person).
  11. Social Apps for making contributions visible.

At the WikiGenero conference, right after the WikiWomen Camp, Sue Gardener gave her own view on why more women should edit Wikipedia: "What is this *extra* reason, that women neet in order start editing Wikipedia? It is the zeal that the world needs to know about X[topic/subject]. Even if nobody else needs to know about X, I care. And one of the most important of the reasons is to provide a feminist view for existing articles. Women coming on WP and wanting to change it for the better - they need to be zelous. Not much angry. A bit more zeal makes it easier."