Wearable Electronics Workshop for Beginners


07/16/2011 (All day)

Foulab is pleased to announce our next workshop, Wearable Electronics for beginners! Come learn all about building your own wearable creations, using your own garments and ideas.

The workshop is divided into two parts, an Introduction to Sewing in the morning and an Introduction to Wearable Electronics in the afternoon.

During the sewing workshop, you will learn about: Your basic supplies - needles, thread, pins, measuring tape, fabrics and sewing machines. Basic techniques: Threading needles, tying knots, common stitches, measurements, and how to put things together. Mundane stuff that will give you the basics to do many different projects!

If we have time we will also cover basic garment making and modding.

After lunch, you will learn to apply these techniques to electric circuits that can be sewn into clothing. Bring your own clothes and ideas for how to make them flash! We will connect a blinking circuit to LEDs that you can sew into your garment. You'll leave with a turn signal jacket, a blinkenhat, or a blinkensac, or anything else you like.

The workshop will take place Saturday, July 16, at 10:00 AM, at the Foulab location (999 Du College, Suite 33B). Bring a dish to share! We'll have a potluck (with beer on sale!) between the two halves of the workshop.