Biking as a transport mean


It is mid-March and it is the first time when I dared to take out my new bike and go to the university with it. I feel my lungs cleaned again. I arrive in the morning, full of energy, and ready to work.

What is the secret of working hard? It is the alternation between active and passive moments. The passive ones are often the ones spent in front of the computer, writing thesis, e-mails, or conference applications. What about the active ones? This session, I started caring about this part of my life, which I had abandoned for more than two years. So, I am going to a 45 minutes exercise in the university sport centre twice a week, and I practice yoga twice a week. And biking once or twice a week will do miracles.

It is spring soon and we need to get out of our winter sleep. So, don't give up!