Ten reasons to change the day care


Why would you change the day care of your 19 months kid, if it went there for just a couple of weeks?

Here is a short list of things that we experienced with the ex-day care of our daughter:

  1. Bad food. In fact, no idea what kids eat each day, change of menu all the time, McDonald's for a birthday party, cakes, defrosted food, no quality guarantee. I would not bring a grown-up to Macdo, what left for a year-and-a-half old?
  2. Change of cotton diapers twice a day only. Imagine how many times a grown-up would go to the toilet from 9 to 17h? And imagine a small child, at least a double of times. And then, leaving her all day wet, skin infections happened within a week from starting.
  3. No support in toilet training. All my efforts for the past 10 months to train her to go to the toilet.... to receive a reproach : "She is too young anyway". Good that at least at home she did continue with her habits.
  4. No education at all. No music, dance, art or whatsoever.The teacher waits for the time to finish, sitting indifferently in the park, talking on her mobile, or simply talking with other adults around. Kids to do whatever they want.
  5. Punishing kids for this and that. Instead of taking time to show kids how to play together, to introduce them the games around, or to explain them good manners, she screams and punishes kids for what they do to attract her attention.
  6. Talking on her mobile, with her back to the kids. When going to pick up my daughter in the park one day, I had to wait for her talking on the mobile for at least 10 minutes, with her back to the playground, so that she does not get distracted. What if one of them runs out of the park? What if there is an accident? What if a child disappears? Will she realise at all?
  7. Teaching me how to take care of my kid. She keeps telling me I should be punishing her at home, when she does this and that. But no, she never does it at home: she does it at her place, when she feels insecure, or when she looks for attention (beating other children). At the new place now, even if kids are much smaller, she never touches them - she is just gentle.
  8. Living on the third floor, a room reserved for kids, with no back yard available. Imagine 6 children and one adult in one room - playing there, eathing, taking a nap, jumping, dressing - everything. And imagine taking 6 children down the stairs, in the snow, at -20 degree, and dressing them beforehand. Walking to the park, which takes about 20 minutes in a sunshine, and in winter? One hour? This automatically means she will most probably not even take them out, she just cannot.
  9. One person for 6 kids. What if she gets ill or if her child gets ill? Does it mean that I will have to automatically stay home with my non-ill child? Two is better, even if they take care of more children all togher.
  10. Place too far from where you live. Takes 45 minutes to go and go back. You simply loose this time to walking to the place, instead of spending it with your child.

Any other suggestions