Slides from Drupal Course 2009-2010



Here are published the slides of the Drupal6 Course we did at the Studio XX in the period November, 2009 - January, 2010. More slides will appear after each course, so don't hesitate to revisit each week!

Please note that some slides are joined, so the course 5 slides appear in the SlidesCourse3 file. To not make a mistake, please read the list with titles of the contents of each presentation.

List of slide presentations:

  • SlidesCours1: Introduction to Web Publishing and Drupal.
  • SlidesCours2: Choosing and Configuring Modules.
  • SlidesCours3: User Management and Taxonomy.
  • SlidesCours4: Content Construction Kit
  • SlidesCours5: Views
  • SlidesCours6: Themeing with Drupal.
  • SlidesCours7: Uploading Images and Galleries

List of handouts for the course:

  • Glossary of Web Publishing Terms
  • Drupal Installation Instructions
  • Drupal Terminology

(Please attached files).