Changing comment settings in Drupal 6


I am changing the comment settings on the website. I decided to add fields (such as name & e-mail), and remove the subject. So, if you want to do so, you need to go to Administer, and then - Content Type. Then for each content type you need to change the comment settings.

It is maybe better to display a comment form under the article, to motivate people to comment, but at the same time, it is too big and ugly, takes enormous place, and also is asking too many questions. However, I am leaving it for now to see what people think about it. What annoys me is that it is always written Anonymous in the name field. If it would be me, it would probably encourage me to leave the field as it is.

Ah, and the comment notifications is now fixed (Administer -> Site config -> Actions -> Create and action = send e-mail...). Also, since there is a captcha, I let the comments publish automatically (Admin -> User management -> Persmissions). Cool! Not very obvious for the first time, but will work out better for the next.

Enough fooling around for tonight...