23-25 May: WikiWomenCamp 2012


05/22/2012 (All day)

Between 23 and 25 May 2012, the first WikiWomenCamp 2012 will be organized in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The conference is a three day women-only conference, aiming to discuss the gender issues concerning the Wikipedia contribution and growth. Facilitated by Anne Goldenberg in English and Spanish, the format of the conference will be an open-space.

WikiWomenCamp initiated as an initiative aiming to open up opportunities for women to get together, learn from each other's experience, network with other women who can assist them in meeting their goals and share passions, and discuss issues related to being women involved in the wider Wikipedia (and wiki) community with similar like-minded women.

The conference is held to explore challenges facing women contributing to free knowledge movement and discuss opportunities to actively support the spread of free knowledge by communicating how successful strategies can be applied to outreach in different countries and cultures. Female participants have the opportunity to network with their peers in other countries, and develop lasting relationships that allows international partnerships that might not be possible otherwise because of cultural communication problems involving communicating solely online.

Twenty women will participate in WikiWomenCamp. Organizers believe that collaboration thrives on diversity. All open minded individuals are welcome to participate, whether by teaching, taking an active role in discussions, helping people to connect to those who can assist them, or sharing their stories.

WikiWomenCamp is what the participants make it, and we’ll work to make it enlightening, productive and fun!

The event will be open to all women involved with the Wikimedia movement, and involved with wikis in general including commercial, non-profit and educational wikis. The conference will be on 23, 24, and 25 May 2012 in Buenos Aires.