17-18 octobre : DrupalCamp Montréal 2009


10/18/2009 (All day)

DrupalCamp Montreal 2009 is on now. More than 100 people, presentations in 2 tracks and also some informal ones. This is my third DrupalCamp Montreal (even if on the website is written it is the second one).

The first one was in 2006, and this was my first meet-up with Drupal, and with the community. I must admit, at this time, I did not get much impressed by the software, since I was proud user and contributor to Spip (another cms). But I liked the community though. I met some great women (Myriam, Angie "webchick" and others).. some great people and an easy-going space, where you can join sessions, ask questions and fool around with the software.

DrupalCamp Montreal 2009 is different. It is much more big, more institutionalised (in McGill University), more organised (coffee, lunch, wifi, schedule, registration, t-shirts, book store, video streaming...). I like it because it has somehow kept its informality, and warm welcome for newcomers. I even attended the first day without registering, and it was not problematic. No fierce control, no stopping unregistered participants, things are voluntary and grass-root raisen, and since this does not stop the community to participate, to pay its fees, to organise in a good way, to have great and high quality participations. Even if companies participated, there was not big visibility of the corporate participants, no logos, no intrusion.

The most interesting for me was : Angie's Keynote about Drupal 7 from the first day and the training and support experience of Caroline and Deb.

I was also at the Gmap-ing and Views by Lis and Jake, but they took about 30 min to start, and then my concentration went away, the site kept crashing, the presentations was slow, full of tech probs.. and I got nothing in the end. People starting laughing and participating in troubleshooting, but not really into contents...

Since I will be teaching Drupal soon, it is a good warming-up excercise for me to get the new software directions and features.

Great work #drupalcampmtl !