Party Fouday the 13th!


03/13/2010 (All day)

As some of you may know Foulab have relocated from Ultramount to Saint Henry last December. We are now well established in our new Hacker Space. Join us for an afternoon of Workshops and an evening of revelry.

The events kick off at 3 pm with the following workshops:

  1. Arduino 2: "I got the LED blink, now what?" with fx and xsmurf (frenglish). Learn how to connect other gadgets to the Arduino to expand its capabilities.
  2. LegionLab's Basic Electronics! (frenglish) Prepare to understand everything.
  3. Web Security Snacks with gus and dataworm (frenglish). You're a web developer and you are worried about your application safety? gus and dataworm will introduce you to web security basics.

In the evening, starting at 8 pm, we have a night of music, lightning talks (with real lightning) and demos.

BYOCM/BYOM (Bring Your Own Club Mate/Mojito/Mix).