Women in Free and Open Source Sofware (FOSS) Bibliography


I am about to complete my second chapter of my master's thesis, which covers the context of women's participation in Free and Open Source Software development projects. It is an introduction chapter, which will collect viewpoints from authors who have already written on this topic. My suggestions on how to approach the issue will come at the very end of this part, and also from then on, all the rest of the thesis.

So, for this time, I have made a considerable bibliographic list of articles of researchers and activists under FOSS and Women keywords. Here are some of the most interesting ones:

On the first place, there is the LinuxChix bibliographic content Women in Open Source/Free Software bibliography. This content is Ok, but mostly covers newspapers articles and slides presentations (which is not bad, but is not enough for my research).

Case studies and other articles

Articles in French

To be continued...