What is a T-shirt Surgery?

Today someone asked me why I've cut my t-shirt from all sides and why I didn't like it in its original way. Well, have you ever thought why women wear more rarely geeky t-shirts, the ones that are sold at each hack-fest, including the ones I have from Drupal Camp? Well, here is why: because they are often made in they way: one form fits all. Women seem to care more on how the t-shirt will fit her, and maybe it is about our forms - we are all different!

T-shirts are usually in this square form, which is probably good for guys, but does not always look very well on women. Even the female t-shirts (which I also have from events who had a choice between male & female ones) are often too closed on the neck, too long, and with the sleeves falling till the elbow. Not a nice thing to wear, I must admit.

So, what do we do, if we like enough the t-shirt and really want to wear it?
We take the scissors and let the cutting begin! You cut a bit the neck, you remove a little from the bottom, you make the sleeves fit.

But I use this "trick" ever since I did a lot of hitchhiking. Back then, we had our hitchhikers' t-shirts, and we would travel the country with them (we would also paint them sometimes). Now is the same, with the difference that we most often take trains and planes, and that travelling means often jumping from a conference to another.

Ah, and if you think I am the only one doing that, I would say - "no". I have also discovered a number of geeky women who transform some boaring t-shirts in whatever you can think: gloves, hats, headbands or even skirts! You need to read the T-Shirt Surgery. Hack it Up, then Dress it Up. Doctor You, report to the ER, by Lorain Blanken, About.com.

(thanks to linuxchix for remiding me of this great idea some weeks ago. I was piling t-s at home without thinking of modifying them actually).

Off to see Göteborg now. With one of my cut-fit t-s ;-)