Things back to normal

So, there we go. The 11 of January was the birth of my thesis - completed and submitted. Almost 150 pages of work on the topic "Women's Contribution to Free and Open Source Software Development". In French*. Will upload the PDF soon online. For the English speaking readers, will probably have to wait for the articles I will be writing within the year. My idea for publishing a book (in English) will need a more structured research and connections. If anyone has ideas, please let me know :)

So, meanwhile in the agenda is PhD admission, fellowship application, waiting for the renewal of my residence card so that I can travel. Calls for papers, calls for participation. A long list of abandoned/postponed/stalled offers, requests, ideas, mini and multi tasks. And of course, the successful finalising of the two Drupal courses that I am giving at the moment. As the matters go further, the time to prepare raises. And the biggest contradiction to me is that I have abandoned my own Drupal website, while teaching 21 students to produce their own.

Will be more strict in the future and will be publishing here more often. So, don't give up!

* Just the fact that 5 years ago I did not speak a word of French might slightly give idea on what an effort this is. Not only from point of view of orthography correction, but also in terms of expression, of literature read and referenced means for me three times the effort.