About sleeping misbehaviour and giving presentations

In the past 6 nights, I have done no more than 17 hours of sleep, including the power naps in some of the planes. This makes less than 3hrs per night. So what did this produce as negative effects? Well, bad concentration and paleness. Bad quality presentations. Forgetting personal belongings. Eating once a day. Drinking too much coffee. Moments of falling asleep while people demand my attention, and sleepless hours in bed, when emptiness is stronger than anything else and not allowing me to close my eyes.

As for the positive effects (yes, there's been some!), it resulted into: too much communication (sometimes till 4-5h in the morning). Pretty clear mind for almost 20hrs per day. A lot of work done on my masters thesis (mainly in the nights). Not that much work done on my presentations. I remembered names and faces easily this time (surprisingly). Memory worked also quite well (with several exceptions). No hunger felt all day long but no exhaustion or whatsoever either. No bad mood, and in fact too much laughing. I have been having great fun at FSCONS, with so many people! :)

So, what about my presentations? As for the first one, I have not much memory. The reason: a 1,5 hrs of sleep (went to bed at 6 am) and scheduled for the afternoon, when I was quite dead. Ah, and too much coffee to keep me awaken. As for the second one, at 9 am, it went a bit better, since I just woke up from 3hrs sleep. But this one started slower, since I did not dare to have any coffee beforehand. So, my brain was still deeply asleep, until a moment, where I remembered it was my passionate subject, so from then on - fiiiuuu!

Anyway, all that I can say is that no matter of the weird circumpstances (this has never happened before!), I still got a very and only positive feedback for my talks. Not only this, but also some really great questions and points of views. Actually, the audience was really positive and interested in the subject.

And one more thing for my note: the quantity of presentations (implications) lowers their quality. I have had 4 presentations to do from 6 to 15 of November, all of which on completely different subjects, and never done before. In addition, I have had severe deadlines with articles and thesis, and a new Drupal course to prepare for each week. This all have played rather exhausting.