She's Geeky: a Tech Conference for Women

She's Geeky: A Technology Conference for Women will be taking place between 29 and 31 January, 2010 in Mountain View, California (US). Held in the Computer History Museum, She's Geeky promises to be an awsome event.

Among the proposed sessions can be found many interesting ideas: from technical skills, to management and transfer of knowledge, networking and philosophy around women and technology, children and computers, and the future.

Here are my favourites mixes:

  • Linux, command-line, GIMP, programming, public speaking
  • Ruby programming, Rails, ways to get more women into programming, teaching programming to kids
  • Arduino!
  • Do a startup boot camp or how to get more women into hardware electronics.
  • genomics, future of intelligence
  • problem-solving skills for IT/technology professionals (Strata)
  • The challenges of introducing a disruptive technology to a regulated, conservative and emotion-driven industry.
  • How to Self-publish a book to enhance your career
  • Collaboration and Innovation Leadership
  • How to engage young girls in embracing and loving STEM skills and an education that willprepare them for being movers and shakers in the tech industry

Meanwhile, among the hopes of learning some concrete skills, such as command line, Ruby or Python, future participants have provided interesting insights on their expectations - meet with like minded geek women, find someone to share thoughts in Bio Informatics, or exchanging knowledge related to using ICTs to advance human rights and social justice.

Overcoming challenges of being a woman and beeing a geek at the same time, is also an issue. All these prove the importance of a conference like She's Geeky. It is important sometimes to realise that this kind of events need to happen, that women geeks, a big minority amongh other geeks, need to discuss together, too. Here's a few testimonies:

  • Ways to diversify our conference speaker rosters and attendees in general.
  • Meet like minded people, how to get started if I wanted to open a brick-and-mortar, usinganalytics
  • Networking with other female tech leaders, trading stories and techniques for managing at the executive level.
  • Where today's women are going next
  • Dealing with female stereotypes in executive meeetings.
  • How to allow women to be women, AND be appreciated in these fields.
  • How to handle and combat subtle sexist/homophobic comments in the workplace
  • Paths to being an awesome girl geek: opportunities before and after college, etc.

Judging by the enthousiasm and the variety of activities and discussion topics, it proves one more time that initiatives like this one, meeting women with technologies, and with other women, are needed and appreciated.