How many planes have you caught in your life?

Here is my freaky statistics. I just counted that for the 4 trips I did this year, I have jumped on and off 17 planes! Having in mind I am in my low travelling mode, with a still young kid and with thesis to take care of. What about past years, when I would travel almost each month?

In the past 10 years, I have visited at least 35 countries, some of which more than 5 times. Roughly counting, I have catched more than 2 planes to go overseas and to longer destinations. This makes approximately 13 countries * 4 = 52, the multiple visits make at least 32*2=64, and there are the direct flights 20*2=40. In total, this makes around 156 flights. However, I am not sure it is not much more than that. I just have a short memory for this type of things.

Oh, boarding time! Need to go.