Surveilance 2.0. Or what's the point of restricting Internet in the university campus

After a long (not sure if productive) full day reflexion meeting in the lab, we got to get a (non free) beer and discuss life. We were three last enthusiasts who stayed till the end, and what it always comes out in the end, is the big annoyances. What's up this time?

Well, the fact Internet at UQAM (my dear university) is not only limited, but it is often completely impossible. The wifi is inaccessible and not supported for Linux machines (tech support completely refuses to collaborate because of their obvious ignorance), but also you are not allowed to plug a router into the I-cables inside the campus. It is immediately detected that you are trying to plug a wifi or a couple of computers together, and they cut you off completely. When you call to be re-plugged, they make a full investigation on what has happened. You need to act as a complete idiot, if you don't want your name to be associated with some "bad hacker, pirate of Internet".

We are three in the office, with two Internet plugs. Two of us are Linux users. This leaves one who can access the public-wifi of the university. So far so good. But the wifi has a limited speed, is unreliable, and also does not allow you to connect to devices like the common printer. So, what is the conclusion?

Imagine what a damage and extra-expenses we would make to the institution, if we would plug a router to be able to access three of us to the cable connection. But no, this is a criminal act, and we not only are not supposed to, but will also be cut the line, and be prosecuted as criminals.

And if this is the everyday life of a student, researcher and teacher, imagine what the everyday life of a simple user would be. Not talking about getting into a government institution, or in a corporation. Surveillance, security, suspicion. Just for a simple connection.

Conclusion: we go to the bar next door, drink beer, discuss, write our projects, write our blogs, and research the net. Viva the student life! Ah, and... cheers!