Open Space for WikiWomen?

WikiWomen will be organised as an OpenSpace. The open space is a special type of (un)conference, focussed on a particular topic, where all the participants are actually contributors & decision-makers. There are no special guests/speakers, no passive listeners. The aim is to stress on the skills and expertise of the participants, and to involve all of them in an equal way.


The first session was an agenda-setting session where everyone is invited to propose a discussion topic. There are three possible spaces, therefore three parallel discussions can take place. Participants are following the rule of the two legs: if you are not learning, nor contributing to a certain session, feel free to move on and join another one.

There are different roles in each session, which people take: note-takers, dynamic wovers, subject keepers.

There are also several (un)rules, such as: 'it starts when it starts', and it 'ends when it ends', 'what happens is the only thing that could happen', 'whoever comes is the right person'. In other words: feel free to move around, and feel welcome -- all person's experience is important, and contributing with your knowledge will make this forum go ahead.

If you want to read more about open space, have a look at this page: