iPhone with GNU/Linux? Think twice.

Falling in love is an out of control feeling. Sometimes, you fall in love with an incompatible one. With the one you cannot be if you reasonably think of. Sometimes this one can be defective by design. But love is blind.

You guessed it. I fell in love with an iPhone. Smart, quick, portable, interactive, connected iPhone. What wouldn't be the feeling of being connected everywhere, at any time, at any moment. To have all your gadgets into one: camera, music, recorder, files, e-mail, twitter, browser, book, encyclopedia, notebook, and many more. No more heavy laptops, no fear of battery lose, of internet stop, electricity failure. No more server emergencies, no more connecting from the near-by parking. Going to the countryside will be a different experience. No offline moments, no cutting yourself from civilisation.


OK, so what is the price for all that? First of all, it IS expensive. The lowest price is 200$ + 75$/month for 3 years. The guarantee, however, of this thin and yet fragile gadget is 1 year. So, even if it breaks after 1 year and 1 month (this is Apple, after all!), you still pay the 75$ for 3 years. This makes a total of 3000$ in the end.

What about privacy? No way! First of all, I am profiting of the fact I live without a mobile phone. My appointments are fixed, and I live in piece. I disconnect Friday to reconnect Monday morning. No matter what I do, I need this privacy myself. Disconnecting from Internet, does not stop me from working hard in the weekends, which I still have not managed to fight.

What about compatibility with my system (GNU/Linux)? Freedom of formats, of content... Forget about it. Not even iTunes under Linux. And something even more - they can connect to my phone at any time, and if I am doing something "illegal", they will find out. So, no hacking please! This machine might be expensive and pretty, but will remain "a black box" for its users.