Interview for Outlaws

While the Oekonux conference in Manchester (27-29 March 2009), I was interviewed by Dan Lynch, for their podcast Linux Outlaws. I was nicely surprised the other day, when he wrote to me and told me he added the edited version of it in the 90th podcast, dating from May 6, 2009.


I must admit it is not my best performance, it was after a 1,5 hour lecture, so I was quite in a mood to not to care much about the what I am saying. I notice I tend to sometimes not finish my thoughts, but... this is my speciality, when I am told I have a couple of minutes, and I want to say plenty of things. However, it went quite well, and I can see Dan has left almost all of it... about 30-40 min.

So, here is the podcast : in Mp3 and in Ogg.

And, of course there was some fierce discussion on the topic, which I could not really follow because of time restraints, but also because I am fed up of the same sexist trolling, and the same excuses...