FSCONS - a geeky but also a social event

Here I am in Göteborg. For a whole hour! Very very nice on the first sight. Will write more (with photos) a bit later.

As for the FSCONS, I am looking forward to it! There are so many interesting presentations to come: hacktivism, youth, democracy, public administration, societies building, women's practice on technology, the copyleft hardware, open content and open source economy.

I am one of the lucky participants, who will also be given the podium twice in order to share my experience and research subjects. I am looking forward to this rather geeky, but in its base very social event.

And even if they try to scary us with reasons not to come to FSCONS, I think people not coming will be mostly sad and jealous they wouldn't. I will also try to write an article for the World News section of the Linux Magazine. But first my presentations to pass.