Finding Ada: an international day of blogging to draw attention to women excelling in technology

Today is the day. I signed a pledge, together with almost 2000 other people, that on the 24th of March (today), will post a story about a woman geek I admire. I have a big choice of women to post about, which makes my task rather difficult, but tonight I will do it.

Celebrating the achivements of women in computing is a great initiative, and creates more visibility on the web and within communities about women who have contributed to innovation in computer science.

There are hundreds of blog posts already available, who speak up and give another example of a great woman geek. Herewith are some of the places where these links are, for when I have time, I want to go and read them all:

Here is the Ada Lovelace Day Pledge, which I also signed some time ago.

And here is the Ada Lovelace Day Collection, where everyone who published a story, registers her/his story and link.

And, there is a blog called Finding Ada, which collects all the stories who don't have their own blog.

I was thinking of writing about Angie Byron, who I admire a lot, but I saw someone already did. So, I will most probably choose one of the other 12 great women in free and open source software who I have recently interviewed for my masters' thesis.

So, watch out for my story tonight...