English as computing language?

By preparing my presentation for the computer science class in "IT and society", I got to some interesting fact. The English language on the Internet. In fact, what I wanted to underline was that among other factors who discourage women from entering the computer science field, is the fact most of the common computer languages are written in English. In Linux, if you don't speak English, it is difficult to remember all the commands of the shell.... we often need to guess them, with some small tips from the memory.

Wikipedia proposes a number of interesting articles and facts on the topic. Enlighs in computer science is one, and the other is Global Internet Usage. The first one provides examples of computer languages, written in other-than-English languages (how cool!), and the second one shows the top 10 world used languages. English is dominant on the Internet, but its rate diminishes each year, to become from 37% (in 2004) to 29% (in 2008). On the contrary, Chinese on the Internet gets more and more popular, by raising from 14% in 2004 to 20% in 2008.

By speaking 5 languages, I had long time difficulties defining my website's language. The old one had 3 languages, where I would write in whatever one I feel for the day. This definitely did not work out, because I managed to have 3 types of readers, so for more than one group to be able to read, I was stuck translating my posts all the time. Now I thought English will be my language, for more people to read it. However, whenever I quote an already ready text, of for my cook-book in general, I use French or Bulgarian. This does not relieve my identity troubles, but at least does not imply me more work. Regular writing is difficult enough.