Drupal6 Javascript and jQuery - review coming soon

There is a book by Matt Butcher that just came out, covering the Javascript and jQuiery in Drupal 6. Published by Packt Publishing. I will be getting a free copy for review around mid-November.


There is a PDF with Chapter 2 of the book, for the ones who are interested : Working with JavaScript in Drupal. The PDF also offers an overview of the chapters and an info about the author.

With the combination of the powerhouse jQuery library, with its own robust set of JavaScript tools, Drupal 6 comes with a pre-packaged killer JavaScript environment. Cross-platform by nature, it provides all of the tools necessary to create powerful AJAXenabled scripts, gorgeous visual effects, and view-enhancing behaviors. In addition, Drupal developers have ported some of its most powerful PHP tools (like a theming engine and support for localization and language translation) to JavaScript, making it possible to write simple scripts, where once only complex PHP code could be used.

For more information: Drupal6 Javascript and jQuery