After Thesis Blues Or About Finding a Hobby

Just a few weeks ago I was wondering what life after thesis would look like. It was actually a good question, having in mind my actual state ofmind - short-term projects, e-mails to reply to and promissed-and-never-fulfilled old tasks, books for fun and long awaited meetings. So, just to illustrate this feeling, here's Cecilia's, my phd/confused/geeky prototype.


Actually, the most creative, innovative and yet constructive thing I did was that I found a hobby. I joined a Hacker Space called Foulab. New to electronics and computer programming, I have followed a hacker spirit for years now. I've geeked out mainly in Free Software environments, such as install and hack fests, tech training and non-geeky geekism, too. I know it might not count in, but I hack recipies, and clothes, and bags.. my bike, some doors, and even some planes.

And got hitchhiked a train once ;-)